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additional services Additional Services

Life Activation Services
It is your life and you should live it to its fullest on all levels: body, mind and spirit. This modality is an ancient tool that has the capacity to bring about healing and empowerment while it lights up your aura, heightens your intuition and transforms your entire being. Experience practical results after your session:

  • additional energy to your physical body
  • clearing out negative thought and emotional patterns
  • turbo charges your connection to your higher self and spirit guides
  • increases your intuition and spiritual gifts
  • shifts your consciousness to make positive changes in your life
  • and so much more!

This amazing healing is only offered select times during the week. Please wear an open neck shirt so the back of the neck and upper back can easily be accessed. $199 includes 1 Purification and 1 Crystalis elixir. Note: No new patient discount for this service.

Aura Healing Services
This healing balances and cleanses the aura, repairing holes within the auric field. These holes are created for a variety of reasons, for example, stress, unhealthy living, surgery, negative energy, drug use, alcohol use, and the list goes on. This session will evoke a sense of relaxation, heightened energy, general well being and a boosted immune system. $95. Note: No new patient discount for this service.

Herbal Medicine Services
Herbal medicine draws from a pharmacopeia of thousands of herbs for specific conditions.  Included with acupuncture, massage, or TuiNa treatments, if appropriate for your condition. $50 + cost of herbs

Nutrition Therapy Services
Specific foods are prescribed to strengthen, rebuild, and balance the body. Included with acupuncture, massage, or TuiNa treatments, if appropriate for your condition. $50

Nutritional Supplement Services
I will help you to go through your current vitamin/supplement regimen to fine tune it in order to optimize your health.  I will use muscle energy testing to see if your body’s energy is in harmony with the energy of the particular substance in question.  You must bring your supplements, vitamins, herbs, and over the counter medication to your visit in order for the muscle energy testing to be completed.  Included with acupuncture, massage, or TuiNa treatments. $25 for 15 min; $50 for 30 min.

Pediatric Consultations (Ages 0-18)
This service is for children and teens that only want a health consultation and no acupuncture or massage treatment. Chronic and acute health conditions are discussed and alternative treatment strategies are formulated. Nutritional supplement or herbs may be discussed. Often lifestyle changes, including exercise, nutrition, and stress management are taught so they can be practiced at home. $30 for consultation + the price of any supplements or herbs, if needed.

Download patient intake forms for first visit

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