Naples Acupuncture Services

Traditional Chinese Medicine Style Acupuncture in naples florida

Tiny, disposable, sterile needles are placed in specific acupuncture points on the skin. $95

Dr. Tan’s Balance Method is used in naples florida

Fewer needles are used than with TCM, strong stimulation of the needles is required for good results. This technique is especially good for treating pain, although it is helpful for other conditions as well. CLICK HERE for brochure about the balance method. $95

Pediatric Acupuncture (Ages 2-13) in naples fl

While kids and needles do not usually peacefully coexist, acupuncture in children may not be as frightening for them as it sounds. We use a variety of techniques to help children become comfortable with the idea of the needles. We spend a lot of time explaining the treatment to children and their families. We may demonstrate the therapy on a stuffed animal or even our own hands to show children what to expect during the acupuncture session. We will describe the difference between the acupuncture needle and a typical injection or intravenous needle. Acupuncture needles are smaller and not hollow so they do not rip the skin like typical needles. It is relatively painless when done by a trained practitioner. Children are usually surprised at how little discomfort they actually feel, and typically become very relaxed or even sleep during the treatment. $50

Student Acupuncture (Ages 14-22) in naples fl

Teens and young adults respond beautifully to acupuncture for almost any complaint they may have. Acupuncture reduces stress and tension, elevates mood, enhances the immune system, alleviates pain, regulates the hormonal systems, and improves sleep. $75

Japanese Style Acupuncture in naples fl

The same as TCM style acupuncture listed above, except insertion is much more shallow and a different type of needle is used. $95

Electro-Acupuncture in naples florida

Acupuncture points are stimulated using a safe, gentle, electrical current. $105

Cupping specialty for naples florida

Using glass cups to create a vacuum in order to increase warmth, circulation, and release stagnation. Included in an acupuncture treatment if it is appropriate for your particular diagnosis. $30 for 15 min.

Moxibustion in naples florida

The dried leaf of Mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris, is rolled into sticks or placed on the ends of needles, then burned as a warming therapy during treatment. Included in an acupuncture treatment if it is appropriate for your particular diagnosis. $30 for 15 min.

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